Almasa Care

In true Almasa Group tradition, Almasa Care is the dedicated support and service centre for Almasa Mobile, offering warranty support and service to its retail partners and their customer across the region through dedicated service centres set up in key cities across the region either directly through its own retail stores or its distribution offices as well as in partnership with other authorised service centres.
Almasa Care works with one of the region’s leaders in service, Technocare, giving Almasa access to Technocare's service network, with access to all its vendors, its sophisticated reverse logistics platform, as well as exclusive access to its software and access to the business knowledge in the service domain.

This joint venture allows Almasa Care to offer the service of competent service professionals through state-of-the-art facilities using best-in-class solutions to ensure that our customers are always kept well informed every step of the way.

Almasa Care also offers other solutions like device trade-in programs, device protection schemes and extended warranties, all of which are designed to bring our customers peace of mind. Most of these solutions are offered either directly or through our many retail partners.

Almasa Care offers:

  • Only official and genuine original parts will be used for repairs and replacements
  • Warranty and non-warranty support
  • Conveniently located centres
  • All repairs with a 100% guarantee